6 Fabulous Jumpsuits to Rock This Spring

1. ASOS One Shoulder Orange Ruffle Jumpsuit: $67, ASOS Petite Structured Occasion Bow Jumpsuit: $87, 3. ASOS Jumpsuit with Velvet Tux Detail: $87, 4. ASOS Wrap Jumpsuit w/ Frill Sleeve: $56, 5. ASOS Pinny Jumpsuit in Stripe: $79 6. ASOS One Shoulder Jumpsuit in Metallic: $53 (on sale now!)

If you asked me my favorite clothing piece (you didn’t – this is a hypothetical, obviously) I would say with 100% confidence: a JUMPSUIT.

It’s the easiness of a dress but with the versatility and movability of pants. I don’t think you can get much better than that. I recently purchased a jumpsuit on ASOS (where 75% of my clothing comes from) for Charleston Affair, a reunion event College of Charleston hosts every year. The event is swanky and boozy and dancy, much like most people’s experiences at CofC. And that is only a half-joke. I wore a jumpsuit last year and it was so much easier to navigate the event without worrying about dress mishaps.

I’ll show you the jumpsuit when I wear it, but until then I thought I’d show you the other gorgeous pieces I’ve seen recently. The best part about wearing these is it’s a whole outfit in one. If the price seems steep, remember you won’t have to find pants to go with it later… they’re built in. 

You can find all of these on ASOS, and if you’re like me and shop there quite frequently, I recommend getting their yearly shipping service. It’s $18.00 for FREE two-day shipping for a year. And it comes from the UK so I’m always amazed, every single time. AND free returns. Definitely worth it if you’re going to use it a few times!