Something I always love when I’m looking for different pieces is versatility. For my roommate and I, that usually means something I can wear as a dress and she can wear as a shirt (she’s about 10 inches taller than me). But I love pieces that I can wear on different occasions, not just the once or twice a year thing. That, for me, is usually not worth it.
I found this red Vince Camuto tunic dress at Nordstrom Rack on sale for $35 and loved it. It wasn’t until I got into the dressing room that I realized the slits went all the way up the sides. I would have to get creative. I started thinking about the different ways this could be used.
I’ve styled this in the three most opposite ways I could think of – for the beach, going out, and going to brunch. I’m excited about finding all the ways this can be worn!

The Beach

Paired with the ASOS Palm Bag.


To Brunch

Going Out

With a versatile outfit range, I’ve also chosen a versatile track. I’ve been listening to this album all week. I put some of the songs on my workout playlist, but I’ve also been listening to them while I’m working or in a chill mood. It’s rare that I want to listen to album in all of those scenarios, but the soft folkiness of the lead’s voice juxtaposed with the addicting electronic sounds lends itself to a multitude of musical situations.
You’ve probably already heard Die Young – so I went with this track, which is easily creeping up as my favorite (after I wore out Die Young).

May 9, 2017