DIY Color Block Nails

  • Cadyn Scott
  • Beauty
  • May 9, 2017

About a week ago I did something I haven’t done in a while… nail art. In high school I l o v e d me some nail art. Normally of the floral variety. And while florals are great, they normally end up looking pretty cheesy on my nails (especially when I do them myself).

In my older years, I’ve increasingly gotten more into neutral nails (I would have laughed at you had you told me that 6 years ago). However, I love a little pop now and then.

I saw Mylk Bar just did a design similar to this, so I wanted to see if it would be possible for me to mimic, as rusty as I am.

Follow these very easy steps to copy the look.

  1. I started with a base coat of Essie’s Lady Like, my favorite nude EVER. I only did one coat of this.
  2. Next, make sure all nails are completely dry. You are going to use tape to cover them, so you want to make sure the tape won’t pull up any polish.
  3. Take a generous length of tape and angle it on your first nail. Seal all the way across to make sure there aren’t any bumps, even as in the area where it starts to hit your skin.
  4. Paint using the first color. I alternated Sally Hansen Gel in Rhapsody Red and a Revlon shade called Electric. I used the same piece of tape for pink on all fingers and then the same for red.
  5. Put the next piece of tape going a different way on your next nail. I alternated colors, but you it’s all personal preference.
  6. Once you’ve completed each hand, take a look at them to make sure they’re all on a straight line. I had to freehand a few fixes that came up with the tape, but it was surprisingly easy.
  7. Top it off with a gel topcoat. I use Sally Hansen’s for every manicure I do – even if it isn’t gel polish underneath. I find that it has the longest wear and gives it a really nice shine.

Happy painting, people!