I’ve shown a little bit of my vinyl collection on Instagram, but I realized I haven’t show it as much on the blog. With a name like b-side chic, it just seems plain wrong that I’ve been hiding these from you.

Just like everything else, I go through heavy phases with my records. Some of these we’ve had for a while, some of them are newer. But these are what have been, as of late, constantly spinning on my turntable.

(Oh- and when I say “we” I mean that some of these are Bonny’s and she deserves the cred. We have been cohabitating for three years now and have vowed never to move away from each other so we don’t have to say goodbye to our favorite records.)

  1. Erykah Badu, But You Cain’t Use My Phone, Clear Record Store Day pressing My go-to getting ready album. The lady of neo-soul drowns this mixtape in thematic elements relating to communicating and relationships in the digital age. Andre 3000 shows up, so it’s way groovier than that sounds. If you like this album, check out For All We Know by NAO.
  2. Ryan Adams, Prisoner I wasn’t truly sold on this album until I saw Ryan Adams live a few months ago. Sometimes that’s what it takes. My dad gave me this vinyl and told me to listen in the middle for Springsteen-worthy lyrics. He was correct. This album isn’t for your depressed on the couch breakup phase like Heartbreaker – it’s more hopeful. As always, sad elements reign in his music, but they strike a different chord than he did before.
  3. Fugees, The Score, Vinyl Me Please Black & Gold pressing I’m not going to review one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time and tell you why you should listen. You already have been. Let’s keep it at that.
  4. Run the Jewels, 3, Gold vinyl For working out and sending a message to the neighbors (just kidding). Lyrical geniuses.
  5. Lemonade, Beyonce, Marbled Grey pressing (bootleg) I have to say I was naively excited about finding Lemonade on vinyl – so much so that I purchased without realizing it still hadn’t been officially released. I may have done something I’m partially ashamed of…. but the record sounds incredible. The only thing off is the cover art isn’t as clear as it probably should be, but the grittiness of the album and artwork lends itself to that. Listening on vinyl is an entirely different experience.
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May 9, 2017