What a whirlwind of a week I’ve had!

This week has been spent in Destin, FL with 15 family members, my boyfriend, Steven, and my sister Marley’s boyfriend, Matt. It’s been years since we’ve been able to do a big family vacation, so we were all SO excited for this.

We were celebrating my lovely grandparents’ 50 years of marriage. We heard just shortly before the trip that they’d like to do a vow renewal. We didn’t really even have a day planned, we decided the day-of that it would be a good time to do it. My cousin Kara made a big meal for everyone and collected from flowers from outside, my mom and I went to Whole Foods to get more flowers and pick up some desserts for afterward. We did the ceremony on the front porch of our beach house – it all came together so beautifully. My Uncle Chris officiated and my dad and sister, Harper, played “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on ukulele.

My mom asked my grandpa if he was going to write vows and he said he was planning to “wing it.” If you have ever met my grandpa, you’d know what a funny statement that was. However, when the time came, he pulled a letter out of his pocket and read a letter that brought us all to tears, of course. He can be an intimidating man if you don’t know him, but he’s actually the biggest softie.

For my outfit, I decided to wear a jumpsuit I had recently purchased from ASOS (seriously not sponsored, just an addict.) It was already a loud choice, so I paired it with a simple red lip and my BCBG Generation chunky brown sandals that I purchased from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago (no longer available, but see a similar pair here).


OPI gel in “Funny Bunny”

Four generations!

I obviously had to pick a love song for this post. I love listening to Charles Bradley because it feels like you’re listening to music made fifty years ago, but it’s from the modern era. I saw him live at High Water Fest and he was so full of peace and love – his stage presence was absolutely electric. The classic soul feel of his music reminds me of love stories like my grandparents’.



  1. Jared waisner

    August 8, 2017

    Love how you styled your check outfit ! This is such a fun look amazing.!

    • Cadyn Scott

      August 8, 2017

      Thank you so much!

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